Dry Eyes

“I have suffered with chronic dry eyes for 20 years.  Not only were my eyes always red, swollen, and scratchy, I could no longer read and even wore my sunglasses all day, EVEN INSIDE!  After trying every option my eye doctor prescribed, I was told nothing else could be done. The eye drops prepared by Rustburg Family Pharmacy are a miracle to me.  I got relief in only a few days.  My vision has improved so much that I can read better than before!”

Evelyn S., Roanoke

Hormone Imbalance

“Overbearing fatigue, anxiety, frustration and anger ruled my life.  It was depressing.  Antidepressants never worked long term.  I just developed the side effects.Desperate, I asked my doctor to test me for a hormone imbalance.  Mine was easily treated with a prescribed hormone cream made for me at Rustburg Family Pharmacy.  Now life is good!”

Tracy S., Lynchburg


“I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years.  When I began to get a pain in my leg, it really started to interfere with my quality of life.  It was a challenge to get my hair done and even grocery shop.  I was prescribed a pain cream that I got at Rustburg Family Pharmacy, and it has been a miracle.  I give it a ’10′ for the relief of my pain.  When I use it I don’t feel crippled and now can get my hair done and grocery shop with much less trouble.”

Shirley M., Appomattox